Monday, January 01, 2007

i had planned to do the san bruno hill climb today and last night i dreamed that i was there. it was a lovely day, in the dream, and the hill was a beautiful wooded road. off we all went. there were people i knew. i recognized VB. we were climbing, climbing. and then we came to a flat section at the middle of the climb before the road tips up one last time. and it was there, in my dream, that i decided to stop for a slice of pizza.
but first i had to check my bike and shoes in and so i did. I was given little numbers for my checked items. i recall watching the person preparing my slice of pizza with black olives which is my favorite kind. i admired the way the pizza maker placed each black olive next to the next black olive so that the slice was completely covered in black olives. i was happy with my pizza and ready to enjoy it when i thought "Bella didn't stop for pizza." so i went to fetch my checked bike and shoes to continue onward. i handed over my ticket stubs and waited for my bike. maybe i haven't lost too much time, i thought.

"there you go," the person behind the counter said. "but this is not my bike," i said. they'd given me a motorized bike.

still, i eyed the engine and glanced up the hill.

and then somehow, as dreams go, i found myself in a locker room changing into a swimsuit thinking this'll be cold coming down the hill in. but i put the suit on anyhow.


Velo Bella said...

Oh..the hillclimb. It starts in 10 minutes. Do you think we'll make it?

We stopped for tequila.

Michael can't even type right now.

Happy New Year!

lauren said...

the hill climb, by now, might be over for some, right?

one of those penvelo guys tried to entice me by offering to let me race for free.

even a month ago i knew i wouldn't be doing it.

your dream sounds much better...riding in a bikini and all.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a weird dream...

this morning wasn't a dream - dragged our ass and watched the very very quick race...

we walked up the hill, yeah then as we approach the little park before they go under the bridge we saw Andy J. with 4 guys with him Z-team and Webcor...motoring along but it doesn't look like he is breathing hard - looks like a Sunday ride for that group.

then I was looking for VB and Hernando...I guess the tequila got them

marscat said...

okay, well i don't feel like such a slacker.

did you stop for tequila on the morning of the race. what about the stage race?

we are so confused. will michael be able to type tomorrow??

thought i saw you this am Lauren, guess not.

flandria gets san bruno points

Ippoc Amic said...

did you wear the cute little red swimsuit?

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

During Leesville Gap this year I was out of water and so deranged post-climb that I would not stop riding to pee because I was "chasing"(not a good idea, by the way), but when I saw a banana gu on the ground I stopped and turned around despite having a ton of food with me. Then, when I tried to eat it several miles later, I dropped it. I wish that had been a dream.

marscat said...

we once saw a rider sitting on the porch of a house by the side of the road at leesville sipping what looked like lemonade...

it seemed like a dream at the time

BELLA BEAR said...

I dont think anyone made it! At least no one at Amy's New Year's Eve Party!