Thursday, December 04, 2008

i´m having fun playing with the camera, wandering the city and finding fun places to eat. today we wanderered around girona and went to the jewish museum and the city museum. then we walked along the acient wall. then it was time to find a fun restaurant.


this so far is one of my favorite restaurants in girona. we´ve eaten here twice. it´s morocan. we´ve had couscous and beef tanjine with prunes...staying regular.

followed by a deliciously sweet mint tea and tiny cookies.

gratuitous cat pic.

it´s very hard to get a pic of linda. she darts behind cathedrals to get away from me.

a pic looking west over girona.

tomorrow, we´re renting a car and driving around. then we´re staying at a b&b owned by a woman linda knows who lives in girona. i swear everywhere we go, linda knows someone.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

el raval in barcelona...side ways

then today we went to figueres up north of girona to the dali museum.

what an odd interesting man

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

pics in no particular order....

two doggies in girona. there´s a bike
attached to the front two...i think the
riders are on some european tour for
a doggie saving venture

montserrat...benedictine monks live here...we drank some of their liquour. the lady who gave us the four samples was in a bit of a rush so you had to chug them. tastey

beautiful girona at sunset...

she did not want her picture taken...

too hard (we´re no susie) to type comments by the picture with one eye on the clock...the last three are from girona.

Monday, December 01, 2008

i flew without the aid of zanax and it was good because i had the aid of a margarita, a shot of tequila and shortly after that with my airplane meal, a glass of red wine. the flight was uneventful except for the moment when a man from first class walked down the aisle and bent to ask a question of several people as he made his way toward me.

are you a lawyer, he asked finally.

no, i said, but i play one on tv.

he eventually got in a fight with the steward and then the airmarshalls locked him up in handcuffs.

so here we are in spain. we´ve seen lots of fun things in Barcelona. we did the picasso museum, the joan miro museum, toured the Ramblas and the Bari Goti, which is wonderful at night with the lights. we ate a lunch at a 222 year old restaurant, the second oldest in spain.

i´ve had paella three times now and think it is most delicious. tonight we had a three course meal. i had paella again, and linda will soon turn into a roasted chicken as she´s been eating them once a day.

we went to Monteserat ( two r´s¿) (and sorry, i can´t find my way around this crazy euro keyboard)

we love our included breakfasts at the hotel of cheeses and meats and pastries. i almost burned the place down just the one time by forgetting my toast in the circular crazy euro toaster.

i am sleeping on the average 2 to 3 hours a night. last night i listened to about 34 podcasts.

and i am taking an amazing amount of blurry pictures. we´ll post some soon.

linda is doing the speaking and pointing for both of us.

right now we are in an internet cafe in Girona. there is a lovely old section of town here with narrow winding cobbled roads. tomorrow we will wander around and visit cathedrals and museums. we plan on renting a car and hope to not take out the left side-panel as we did the last time we rented a car in Scotland.

and i have not lost anything yet. i still have my wallet, my passport and both gloves.