Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i've been thinking a lot lately about the joy of just riding my bike without considering heart rates, intervals, racing.

just riding along relaxing like i did in college. escaping from the frisbees banging against my door, my roommate's ever present sorority sisters, my suitemate barging in, spoon in hand, requesting access to her tub of frozen cool whip stored in our frig because she didn't trust herself to store it in her own.

i would take the back stairs down to the bike rack and ride the nice long winding path from Isla Vista to Santa Barbara with my headphones on. i'd listen to al jarreau

mornin little cheerios, mornin sister Oriole, Did I tell you everything is fine, in my mind.

i know -- very gey.

and everything was fine and gay as long as i was rolling along on my old bike with the worn leather saddle that fit my rump just perfectly.

Friday, January 18, 2008

carbo loading

here we are carbo loading for the training camp.

this is margarita #1

and this is margarita #2

and this is what we ate.


we didn't recommend the food to Andrea and Patrick.

After margarita #2 we suggested to Andrea and Patrick a couple of other places for dinner including

The Luffa Farm.

We showed Patrick the tiny flier from the hotel. He opened it up and looked at it.

I don't think this is a restaurant, he said.

Turns out the Luffa Farm is some kinda spa. Okay, don't go to the Luffa Farm for dinner.

Go for a bath fizzler, don't go for food.

p.s. we're in 129.

Monday, January 07, 2008

i am pre-menstrual. i can feel it.

i just threw a hissy fit. linda likes to use the washer as her personal laundry basket. she gets undressed in the kitchen and tosses everything inside. by the time i get to it, it's 3/4 full, no room for my shit. well i would have none of it today. i yanked her stuff out and threw it on the kitchen floor to make room for my stuff.

"this is coming out!" i said.
"and this!"
"and this!"

(a truly good fit requires plenty of good narration.)

she told me to put it all back in. she thinks i put it all back. well, i did not. and it feels good.

and i feel like eating everything in sight right now. did you know that when you are premenstual you can eat whatever you want and you won't gain weight? it's true. my sister said so.

scientifically, it's cuz your body is working hard and doing all this extra shit. it needs whatever it can get. scones, just f-ing eat'm. don't even worry.

although sometimes after my second cornmeal cherry scone from the cheeseboard i think, woah, steady there. if i'm at work when this voice of moderation hits, i'll scrunch up the scone in its wax-paper sack until it returns to its origninal dough state. and then i'll toss it in my wastepaper basket by my desk. smack my hands and be done with it. i'm in control.

then i'll eye it, just sitting there.

of course, you don't want co-workers seeing you eating from the trash can. although, i think mine would take it in stride.

"oh there's what's her name, eating from the trash again."
"what is her name?"

and while i'm at i want to add that i hate o.b. tampons. hate'm. hate that little plastic wrapper that gets some fierce static charge and will not let go. let go little wrapper. away with you. be gone! but it just clings on to the tip of my finger no matter how hard i shake.

okay, the little woman is up. the laundry is done. time to make dinner.

oh, that's a good one.

Friday, January 04, 2008

looking out the window by my desk this rainy morning.

i wish it would stay like this, dark and quiet, but soon someone comes in and switches on every light in the place.

and then i have to start looking like i'm working, which is very exhausting.

so happy it's friday.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

daisy's 2008 resolution: part 2

best viewed with the sound off.

me and linda playing in the park.

pic by my sister, deney.

we look like a couple of trolls.