Friday, January 18, 2008

carbo loading

here we are carbo loading for the training camp.

this is margarita #1

and this is margarita #2

and this is what we ate.


we didn't recommend the food to Andrea and Patrick.

After margarita #2 we suggested to Andrea and Patrick a couple of other places for dinner including

The Luffa Farm.

We showed Patrick the tiny flier from the hotel. He opened it up and looked at it.

I don't think this is a restaurant, he said.

Turns out the Luffa Farm is some kinda spa. Okay, don't go to the Luffa Farm for dinner.

Go for a bath fizzler, don't go for food.

p.s. we're in 129.


Ippoc Amic said...

they should not have the Luffa Farm fliers in the food section..that is just wrong and confusing

marscat said...

very confusing...

Anonymous said...

I am extremely jealous of you guys. As usual, the "evil" step sisters all get to go to bella camp and i'm stuck home, working on my pumpkin. Its just not fair. when will i get my ball?

jen said...

carbo loading = totally vital.

have fun out there :-)

marscat said...

wild dingo we miss you!

jen we thought you'd be here.

where are you guys!

marscat said...
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T. Marie said...

is that Vallartas?

there is no such thing as good mexican food in SLO (from a restaurant anyway).

but good margaritas abound

jen said...

surfing ;-)

nah, actually, we was going to come on saturday for the day, but john's been sick and stuff.

i hear rumors that there are some bike race thingies coming up. i'll be catching up with all of you pretty soon, i'm guessing!

Anonymous said...

i click on this post daily to get a giggle while contemplating what marscat's look is in that first photo:
1. cool
2. drunk
3. stoned
4. a celeb junkie hiding behind sunglasses
5. bad ass
6. pulp fiction

Lilly Bella said...

ha got it dingo! I've clicked on it lots too just for the giggs.

Marsy- you should use that pic for the author profile section of your novel's jacket.

marscat said...

why that's my slo woman of mystery look...pretty mysterious, huh?

yeah, and i'm sticking with our cover lilly...

Anonymous said...

ok, so you're "really" writing a novel? what is it about? "Yoga Fucks and the Downfall of America" or "Cat Lady Myths Debunked"

And my caption for your pict today: "Vote for Pedro"

marscat said...

vote for pedro!

Eclectchick said...

Oooo, now I'm hungry. And thirsty.

Mostly thirsty. It's been a long week.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I'll take one of them...can I call that a warm-up for my workout?

BELLA BEAR said...

spas can have really yummy food...champagne before your massage, brownies afterwards, fruit in order to be healthy, you know stuff essential to the diet