Thursday, August 23, 2007

this is pretty much me in meetings...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

today i went running up at strawberry canyon. it's a quick hop skip and a jump from my cubicle to my car to the trails.

very dangerous in these tedious times in the ol' yob.

before i went running, i worked on a little short story. i've been working on it for some time now. i keep saying oh f-it, it's as good as it's gonna get, then i take it out and read it and think, oh no that will never do. i date each version. some versions go back to 2005. can't say i haven't tried with this one.

after my three hour creative writing session, i thought, my car needs a wash. so, i walked home, tried to get daisy out from under the bed by throwing some kibble her way but alas no, she stayed there crouching by my rollers.

gave the piece of shit (the car, not our lovely Daisy) a good scrubbin. i think, like the story, it was last polished in 2005. i like washing the car, and wonder why i don't do it more often. still, it's never comes out as shiny as i expect it to after all the hard effort...such is life.

so up to the trails i go. there's a nice small parking space at the bottom of the trails. enough for about ten cars. i'm lucky today and get a spot. i undress in the front seat of the car and pull on my running gear: linda's WNBA shorts that could use some elastic around the waist, a velopromo tee-shirt, i think from 2005, and a pair of running shoes that are probably better suited to a basketball court or a nursing ward. linda think's they're ugly and i agree, but for 14.95, you don't get style and functionality -- you get ugly.

i'm not in running shape. i feel my ass jiggle instantly. not a good feeling. but i love running. well, i really shouldn't call what i'm doing running. it's more like trotting, or slopping. i make no attempt to kick up my legs or pump my arms. i just sort of chug along. and unlike bike riding i don't give a hoot who passes me as long as they do it quickly and leave me alone to the quiet of nature. and unlike bike riding i find myself nodding off, losing sense of time and space and i become completely relaxed. it's a great feeling. sorta like being stoned but without the cravings or the dry mouth.

but then i'm enjoying it so much, i start thinking how can i make this even better. maybe i'll go and buy myself a nicer jogging bra, perhaps a tank-top...i'm almost starting to envision myself entering a marathon when i have to tell myself -- stop, cuz I know all those things will change this. pretty soon i'll start timing myself, picking up speed when someone passes, carrying (egads, linda's garmin). no, that'll change everything. somethings i don't want to work at.

Monday, August 13, 2007

so so bored at work lately...

around this time of the day, i often find myself looking at kitties up for adoption at the various kennels around town. i would like to save them all and take them home with me.

i think I would definitely like to go out drinking with this one. your basic party cat.


i would probably confess my sins to this one.

and i would be forgiven instantly.

this one scares me just a wee bit.

reminds me of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

i don't know about this one. i think he's smacked his head into one too many walls. there just might be some brain damage going on in there. don't you think?

Friday, August 10, 2007