Sunday, November 23, 2008

we drank wine before we got out of our chamois again.

it's getting to be a habit.

a lovely lazy sunday afternoon habit as the sun goes down.
my sister is having a baby. she's 49.


this is baby daisy.

she's not pregnant.

and here's linda doing what she does best.

that's all i got -- facebook one liners

Friday, November 07, 2008

here i sit on the lovely deck surrounding perseverance hall at lbnl for the second day of the this big policy meeting. what i have learned so far is that i know very little and these people know a lot and the one guy in the corner ate three pastries this morning and the lead council for UC just went to the bloomingdale's site and that guy in the corner has a very long mustache that i keep mentally trimming and the old guy across from me makes me think of a line from Annie Hall whenever i look at him and that woman across the table from me has really cool shoes on and jesus i wish i was outside running and do any of these people exercise and that guy there would definitely be one of those old guys on a pinarelo who would try his damdest to pass me on hill then die doing so and maybe i can check facebook without anyone seeing my latest status.