Thursday, December 04, 2008

i´m having fun playing with the camera, wandering the city and finding fun places to eat. today we wanderered around girona and went to the jewish museum and the city museum. then we walked along the acient wall. then it was time to find a fun restaurant.


this so far is one of my favorite restaurants in girona. we´ve eaten here twice. it´s morocan. we´ve had couscous and beef tanjine with prunes...staying regular.

followed by a deliciously sweet mint tea and tiny cookies.

gratuitous cat pic.

it´s very hard to get a pic of linda. she darts behind cathedrals to get away from me.

a pic looking west over girona.

tomorrow, we´re renting a car and driving around. then we´re staying at a b&b owned by a woman linda knows who lives in girona. i swear everywhere we go, linda knows someone.


Velo Bella said...

hat last pic is gorgeous! Did you fiddle with it or is that right out of the camera?

I have found that our little Olys deliver almost painterly like photos under the right lighting conditions. Love that about them!

Glad you are having fun with the camera

teamwelliver said...

That bottom pic is amazing! Very pretty.

Glad you guys are having fun!

Brent said...

Hey Just South East of Girona is a Rural Hotel‎ that Jen and I stayed at. The owners were both chefs and have INCREDIBLE food and a cool place to stay.
Also, fresh bread in a town called Breda is nearby SOOOOO Good.

suenago said...

Glad you guys are having great time. I love the cat picture. Keep them coming!

alicat said...

are you still in girona? we had an AMAZING meal here:

it's called mimolet and is near the pedistrian walkway near the cathedral. it was tricky to find, but so worth it.

it was one of the best meals on our honeymoon :)

marscat said...

i fiddled a bit with that

we´re back in girona waiting for the train after a great stay in a B&B north of girona. we rented a car for three days and drove around.

thanks for the dining recs...sadly, got them now just as we´re leaving.

back to barcelona for three nights

Denise said...

Great pics.....cute Gironian kitty, too.

Denise said...

Great pics.....cute Gironian kitty, too.

X Bunny said...

enjoying all the photos--thanks for the peeks