Monday, September 11, 2006


So Sunday morning before we were out of our pajamas, we booked a cruise to Mexico. How'd that happen? Ask Linda. She reads the travel section first. Her stepmom who is 93 and has been on a gazillion cruises says we won't want to go on any other kind of vacation ever again after we go on a cruise. Now there's a frightening thought. I think we're too young and maybe 80 pounds too light to be doing the cruise thing. But maybe we're simply in denial. Maybe going on a cruise is the first step into geezerhood. and the second step, most definitley, is watching two hours of the Travel Channel all about cruise ships which i did last night. I don't think I'd like to go on the Disney cruise. Kids up the wazoo is not my idea of fun. And i wouldn't like to go on the Queen Mary 2 and cross the Atlantic because I think in the middle of the Atlantic seeing nothing but water in every direction i might freak out and ask the captain to kindly please turn the boat around. "Let's not put on weight," I said to Linda which is kinda like going swimming and saying let's not get wet. but the food did look pretty good. "we'll go underweight," Linda suggested. "good idea," I said. as we watched the cruisers dancing the "Hustle" i must admit i felt a little queasy. "let's definitely not do that," i said. "No," she said and patted my hand, "we don't want you doing the Hustle." but seriously, i am looking forward to sitting on our private balcony sipping wine with linda.


Velo Bella said...

you've GOT to do the hustle

when are you going shopping for cruise wear? You DO have cruise wear, right? If not, I bet my mom has some you can borrow. Like those flashy matching "athletic" suits.

I am happy you guys are going. The blog material alone is worth it.

And I think, the best way to kick off a monastic alcohol free diet is to go on a cruise.

marscat said...

you're funny.

and i kinda had my eye on your mother's dress that blended so well with the bedspread.

there's wireless onboard. we'll definitely
be breaking rule #2.

X Bunny said...

i don't know if i could survive a cruise

but i am currently in vacation-encouraging mode so i say hurray!

velogirl said...

I've cruised twice and that was at least once too many. My biggest challenge was I felt like we had to get up at 4:00am and then stay up until 2:00am to do everything on the schedule. There was no time for relaxation or sleep or cuddling.

Then again, we never had a private balcony.

marscat said...


hope you're having fun in the place that cannot be disclosed

marscat said...


there will be no (NO!) getting up at 4am for
us...well maybe once to see the sunrise.does it rise at 4am?