Thursday, March 20, 2008

we rounded up all the loose change in our place and exchanged it for bills. $120 smackers it was. linda poured it into a machine at the bank that does all the counting and sorting for FREE.

driving out of the bank parking lot, i was admiring the pretty blossoms drifting across the ground like a flurry of snowflakes, when i noticed something even prettier -- a twenty flapping in the wind.

get out! get it! i cried. look for more! look for more! i shouted. greed is not pretty.

i did an interval along a beautiful winding road and asked myself for twenty minutes why am i doing this? i thought it'd be much more fun just riding along admiring the beauty but the legs kept going do it! do it! intervals are not pretty. however, there is something i like about them. the finite pain. the sense of accomplishment.

the gnocchi with brown butter sauce and mushrooms as a reward.

i found linda further down the road with the iPhone -- when is she ever without that thing? she holds it inches from her nose at night, runs her fingertip up and down the screen. she reminds me of Tom Cruise in that movie where he moves screens back and forth in front of him like he's conducting. only it's just linda's one index finger that does all the moving. it moves very fast that little finger.

i'd like to drop it in the toilet. did I say that? why yes i did.

on we rode. we sprinted for county lines. we inhaled the scent of cut grass in the wind. she talked to me from two bike lengths ahead, as is her way. i can't hear you, I shouted but she didn't hear that either. she rambled on. farm trucks and Cadillacs roared past us.

life is so very pretty. aged manure, even if it's free, is not.


Ippoc Amic said...

soon to be a best seller and major motion picture...the TC movie MI1

Velo Bella said...

you know a post is good, when I read it out loud to Michael

you are the queen of stream

so two funny marscat blog coincedences today

I also saw the blossoms and called it california snow to myself.

and Michael and I had Gnocchi with mushroom sauce tonight.



man, is there a more beautiful word? I think not.

marscat said...

queen of stream...i like it!

lauren said...

120 clams in change! that's pretty good!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

T. Marie said...

you have inspired me to collect my loose change

jen said...

love those change counter thingies.

queen of stream = so true.

Eclectchick said...

I have (virtually) no groceries in the house and had to have PBnJ on a bagel as lunch today.

Your gnocci is sounding damn good right now.