Saturday, September 13, 2008

we did errands this morning and made use of our disabled person's placard. six months of easy access. it makes life a lot easier. i don't mind seeing half the parking lot taken up by blue parking spaces anymore.

things really seem to be falling in place like that. it makes you think, hey the system does work -- if you happen to be lucky enough to have health care.

we had Babe the PT guy sitting and chatting with us for a good two hours at home. he excused himself and used our bathroom. i asked linda what all the banging sounds coming from behind the bathroom door were. but, linda, who is pretty much deaf, said what banging sounds. i said those banging sounds, and she said what banging sounds.

somedays this kind of conversation goes on much too long.

anyhow, Babe, reappeared. i said nothing about the banging sounds -- maybe he was regrouting the bathtub. turns out he was fixing the height of the portable commode. then he showed linda how to walk up and down the stairs on the crutches. he gave her little tips on how to hold the one crutch against the other. remember, he said when she went to step up, "Up with the good, down with the bad". we liked Babe. we'll see him again next monday.

then there was the little guy from Johnston's medical around the corner who delivered and assembled the electric bed. he too gave us tips. always put the brake on before getting into the bed, he said kicking a black pedal down and folding it safely out of the way.

"i want your business, but not that way," he laughed.

he brought over one bed, that didn't rise on one side, took it back and brought back another. he swapped out one mattress and let us try two more. always pleasant. he knew his stuff too. the first day i showed up at Johnstons's for the commode, i tried to describe what we'd used in the hospital. he took the pen from behind his ear and handed me a piece of paper.

"like this", i said. it was a little bucket with measurements on one side.
"you baking a cake?" he smiled and went into the back room and came back with two green buckets that looked identical.
"what's the difference," i asked.
he held the one with a handle out wide and turned his head to one side.
"ahh, i see."

i went back the next day for a wheelchair. remember he said, push this down before she goes to sit down. "i want your businees but not that way." he filled out the receipt and handed it to me. "see you tomorrow," he said. nice guy.

next up, is yolanda. she called friday night and left a message on the answering machine.
"who's that?" linda said sitting up in her electric bed eating prunes.
"yolanda. she says she want to come tomorrow."

all these people you never knew existed until you need them. it's like like some healthcare underground railroad, moving you along to a healthier place.

up with the good. down with the bad.


Anonymous said...

Oh you guys! i still didn't realize how bad this was. wowzers.

get that minnie off that bed! Heathcare don't pay for kitties on prozac to have special beds!

make sure you store this stuff. you never know when you're going to need it. you "could" use things for baking. who knows? and that bed can be a fun party game... you just never know.

Loki and Juno send lots of licks... i mean...kisses.

Ippoc Amic said...

the portable commode we're using the seat part only also works great for sitting in the bath to take a shower. Yay.

chatterbox said...

We had the portable commode for the rickster. We borrowed it from a friend who had an unfortunate run-in with a car in Lake Tahoe. He also lent us a shower seat thingy. But, there wasn't enough room in the bathroom for it. So, we ended up with Rick doing this crazy hopping over the side of the tub on the crutches and then showering on one leg. I was the spotter. Fun times.

BTW, my friend Rachel has a funny saying about the stairs - "up to heaven with the good knee, down to hell with the bad knee" (always helps me remember)!

It gets much easier after the first few weeks. Hang in there!

Velo Bella said...

Is she up to 4000 on the lung thingie yet?

Ippoc Amic said...

I hit 3000, but I'm only 63". ok, I know, no excuses.
UG= up with the good.

Velo Bella said...


Denise said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. With love, care, and friends, the recovery will be a smooth one....

Eclectchick said...

Magic healing kitties are the secret to fast recovery. Glad you've got that part covered.

Continuing the healing wishes -