Friday, February 15, 2008

it's amazing what crap people put up for sale on craigslist and the crappier pics they take of them.


$150 smackers they want for the white board on the left, not the right, the left.

better move fast before this one goes!

"Very useful space efficient, real wooden shelf($29)"

and what's with that price?

this is craigslist, not Macy's

i may just have to get this bar cart for ippoc.

i could wheel our mojitos down the hallway to her.

how about that background?

oh lordy, lordy what's for sale in this mess of a photo?

i'm guessing it's the big blue thing.

something white and thin.

in case you're not clear on what you can put in a storage cabinet...

there's always,

always a few sideways pics.

luv them!

maybe not the best way to advertise a couch...


Anonymous said...

See here.

lauren said...

$150 for a white board seems like a lot.

doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

maybe there's an insider stock tip on the board... I don't know about that last one. I might buy the he'd have something decent to lay on at my house.

Denise said...

I see that kind of stuff in our local paper--"want ads." The ad costs $10 and then the mathmatically challenged person tries to sell a chair for $7.00.

Go figure.

Ippoc Amic said...

I don't think that is a bar car...more like a kitchen cart, isn't?

Anonymous said...

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marscat said...

yes $150 is a lot...but then dingo is probably right about the stock tip.

denise...i wonder about that too.

not a bar car silly...

X Bunny said...

migo would buy that couch

Eclectchick said...

Ha! By not visiting Craigslist, I have obviously been missing out on a great source of entertainment!

Thanks for the tip!