Friday, November 30, 2007

linda took this picture last night in walgreens. i didn't know dwight yoakam was into packaged food items but then i don't know much about him.

i read sharon stone said that kissing him was like eating a dirt sandwich which is a pretty nasty thing to say, i think; but i've never kissed him.

and i don't think i will be eating his chicken lickins anytime soon. sorry deewight.

my food du jour is pumpkin muffins. i'm growing little ones on my hips.

linda and i had two drinks apiece last night which wasn't smart. one drink is good. two is like trying to enhance heaven. we watched the tour of cali when we got home. somehow the whole crash thing in santa rosa and giving everyone the same time never really sunk in before.

last night i wouldn't shut up. i was annoying myself. "that's just so pathetic," I kept saying. that's reeediculous.

i'm slow to catch on. i sometimes see it in peoples eyes. they look at me like, "ooh you're not as bright as you look," because i've worked very hard on my bright look.

i'm working on it right now.

i had this task at work to add photos of people's mugs to our staff site. click on a link, you see a different mug. i was dreading the part about going up to strangers and asking them if i could take a picture of their mug. i think the fact that i refer to co-works as strangers says a lot about my not so rapid ascent up the corporate ladder.

hey, has anyone seen a ladder around here?

so i made myself do it. i hung my camera around my neck and set out. i avoided bigwigs and people who i generally avoid in general...which is about 75% of staff.

i have a few problems.

they got very serious about which mug they wanted me to shoot. they explained the history of their mugs, decided on one mug then swapped it for another, dug around in drawers for better looking mugs.

i went up to this one guy and asked if he had a coffee mug that i could take a picture of. "nope" he said and turned away.

asshole i thought and strode off. ( increasing my percentage to 76%). then near the end of the photoshoot, he appears in the hallway walking toward me, four mugs hanging off his fingers. apparently, he'd been confused by my request ( been working very, very hard on his bright look too). and he wants me to shoot them all.

his mugs are all pretty boring. this was the best.

this is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

"trying to enhance heaven"

your metaphores are amazing! now why did it take so long to post such brilliance? Is it because brilliant thoughts don't grow on trees?

chatterbox said...

Good post. I've been missing the marscat view of life!

Yes, your mug is the best - especially since you have the nifty picture behind it!

The best mug on my desk is a 30 ouncer given by my last company at the 10 year anniversary with the company's "success factors" on the back. The real message of the mug is that if you drink 30 oz of coffee you will likely increase your productivity.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I like the photo behind the last mug. I keep thinking about bringing my own mug into work, but every time somebody brings their own mug in somebody else steals them, so I think I will just keep using my boss' :).

Velo Bella said...


processed chicken products sold in a pharmacy promoted by a country western singer?

is this one of the signs of the apocolypse?

Ippoc Amic said...

i like your bright look...has me fooled...

jen said...

dirt sandwich?! eeew.

i can't believe they wanted pictures of the mugs. so bizarre.

funny post.

X Bunny said...

you gotta go with pumpkins this time of the year

(i had my bright look on when i typed that)

marscat said...

wd: to be honest, i stole that. but i love it.

cb: i purposely avoided any mugs with corporate slogans. sorry but yours wouldn't have made it ;)

panda: they steal mugs??? that's wrong

vb: the end is near.

ippoc: had?

jen: gotta come up with a new idea for next month.

marscat said...

bunny: i think i've had about 40 since Oct. 1.

very dangerous things.

lauren said...

mug photos instead of pictures of the actual staff?

that's pretty good.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"kissing him was like eating a dirt sandwich which is a pretty nasty thing to say, i think; but i've never kissed him."

well ... i've had a dirt sandwich. and it's not so bad if you close your eyes and think of something sweeter.

sort of like what it'd be like kissing dwight yoakum.

but, 'chicken lickin?'

i think it should be "chikin lickin" ... because their is likely little left of a chicken in that product.

and that mug is supercuteypatootey

Eclectchick said...

That bright look you've been cultivating really works for you.

I wish you could see my mug. It's a vampire face with bulging eyes which move and clinkle when the mug and I go to the coffee room.

People seem to think it's a Hallowe'en mug (they obviously aren't Buffy addicts) and since Hallowe'en is past, I should retire the mug. HA! As if. I mean it's no longer Hallowe'en but the vampire is still out there, figuratively, right? Consumerism 'n all. Yup.