Thursday, March 15, 2007

sometimes when linda and i get to a restaurant before it opens i feel like a pigeon. let's not wait here, I tell her. let's not be pigeons. But she doesn't mind.

and so we stand by the door with the closed sign and I feel compelled to make pigeon noises. brrrbrrrbrr.

today on our ride, a one hour easy down by the marina, we navigated the wherehouse district to the bikepath.

on the side of the road, the traffic side of cars, a pidgeon walked. Not your ordinary grey pigeon.

this one was beige with brown speckles. I felt compelled to talk to it.

brrbrrbrr i called out to it.

It walked slowly as if in some sort of pigeon daze. We rode on. Did our one hour easy.

On the way back home. There it was. The same pigeon.

Look, I said. Look at that.

It was dead in the middle of the road. Beige and brown feathers stuck to the pavement and floating in the breeze.

How awful we both agreed. I was the last creature to talk to it.

Had I been a factor in its death? Did I have that power over small, creatures with tiny brains? How terrible, we thought.

And then we got to thinking.... maybe this power over small creatures with tiny brains might be put to good use.

Here Bush. Here Bushy, Bushy, I called out.

Bushy want a drink?


Velo Bella said...

Jen C probably thinks I am loony because I am sitting here on the couch laughing my ass off.

lauren said...

pigeons don't come in beige, do they?

i don't think pigeons are too smart.

we've had 2 dead ones in our backyard in the last week. they fly into our window.

here bushy, bushy, bushy.

velogirl said...

bah ha ha haaaa!!!

of course pigeons come in beige, Lauren. and black and grey and white.....

maybe there's a weird pigeon thing going around. when I was walking through my complex, I noticed a pigeon (gray) kept flying near the wall of one of the buildings, trying to land on a window ledge (except we don't have very big window ledges). when I walked by later in the day, he way lying dead on the ground.

maybe all the pigeons are dying? what will they do for chicken in Germany?

marscat said...

i feel bad for pigeons (er, not pidgeons) especially the ones with the fucked up feet that hop around and peck at Kentucky Fried chicken remains on the street.

no, they are not too smart.

and what is this about Germans?

X Bunny said...

one pigeon looks very much like another

trac said...

ok it's official - you are one of the funniest people i know.

Jeff said...

Bush? A tiny brain? I'd like to see you invent words like "combustionable" or "contamidated" or "Ek-ka-lek-tik"!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That's brilliant.

I think it's sky-rat mating season. In the park by my office the big boy pigeons are chasing the little girl pigeons around with their throats all in a poof.

alicat said...

maybe it ate some fermented berries, got drunk, and fell out of the sky. i kid you not, but we once had an epidemic of dead, drunk birds when i was in college.

Eclectchick said...

Oooo, I hope you DO have said superpower. If it works, you should get the Nobel Peace Prize.