Wednesday, February 07, 2007

had another one and one half hour long meeting yesterday. the regular crew was there. Jimmy, soon-to-retire and always delightfully missing the point (or restating the obvious) on all topics was there, as was Chris who refuses to look at Jimmy and winces whenever Jimmy talks off topic was there. my usually jovial boss Kay was there in a big snit. Miracles of miracles Ian who is mostly sick when he is not telecommuting was there. i, of course, was there doing an Oscar worthy performance of someone who cares deeply about the direction of the IST web presence. Cal was there. can't say anything bad about Cal because he's so pure and kind and means well and if you ask him to explain something he will start with the Fall of Mankind. hardworking, quiet, Natalia was there. i like her so i will not say bad things about her. And let's create a business process before we take the caps off our pens Ally was there, marker in hand standing before the board creating groups and sub-groups.

but joy of joy, the subject of the meeting was the dissolution of said meeting. my cup overfloweth! so ally proposed smaller groups and explained how small groups should appoint a group leader.

"thanks mother," Kay snipped which was refreshingly out of character, but taking the words out of everyone's mouth i believe.

"well shouldn't we first meet and get a feel for the project and decide where the project is heading and if there is a best way to approach the project and maybe, i don't know, make someone in charge of the project?" succint jimmy proposed.

many colored pens were used. names were circled. arrows pointed this way and that.

i looked out the window and thought deeply: i should have attacked with three laps to go.

ian coughed hinting at his next block of sick time. Earnest Cal was earnest. Jimmy mentioned his retirement in two months three times. i drew a very geometric box with shadows around the word communication. and a flower with two petals.

at 2:55 jimmy announced we had five more minutes left at which time Ally proposed we create a business process for a lunch meeting to bid adieu to this weekly meeting -- at once plugging in her laptop to the overhead projector and firing up our online Calendar to plug in a lunch date.

"i guess Kay won't be joining us," ally said to kay's retreating form as she up and left the room.

I tap danced all the way to the elevator rejoicing in the timely death of this weekly meeting. nice natalie pressed the button in the elevator and the doors closed.

"I'll miss that meeting," i said to her.
"i'll have to work on my sarcasm," she smiled.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...



Velo Bella said...

"i should have attacked with three laps to go"


Ippoc Amic said...

did you ever find out what was up with "kay"?

minnie is trying to get my sandwich again

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Having meetings to schedule fewer meetings...priceless.

lauren said...

i started bringing food to our meetings. they last so long and i get so, so hungry.

i'll bring a banana and a sandwich and tea and water. takes me 2 trips to get it all into the conference room.

by the end, all the smokers are pacing around the room ready to pull their hair out. but i'm happy and full.

Sweet Cheeks said...

as a person who has rejoined the workforce this school year, I get in trouble in meetings a lot because I try to solve problems.

thanks for that description, beautifully written and so, so true!

X Bunny said...

no, we want the meetings to continue so we have more fun reading material!!

marscat said...

the director of our department used to bring muffins to the meetings...i'd see her in the conference room five minutes before the start cutting the muffins into quarters....

Wild Dingo said...

never laughed so hard! holy shyt. while at (insert well known tech company name here), i once had a product manager try to meet just to discuss making a case to get a "launch" manager for his, isn't that what a produt manager and/or product marketing manger is for? ie., YOUR job? just what exactly will YOU do? hmm....good times. good times. i don't miss da corporate world...

marscat said...

WD: i am only at UC because my stupid former manager couldn't/wouldn't do her job.