Friday, July 14, 2006

Commercials of the TdF

"Here's to Men. To guys who want to take longer drives with fewer pit guys that want to spend less time in the bathroom and more time fishing!"

Is that oddest copy? What about that stream o pee in the pic?

And what what about the guys who want to spend more time in the bathroom and less time fishing? Hey you bathroom guys -- here's to you!

And because I had little going on at work, I did a search for the commercial on Yahoo! apparently some photogeeks on have their own issues with the commercial. One states:

"In one of the shots, two of them are looking at the back of a Leica M, as if it were a digicam."

Jesus, how did that get past the copy editor??

Another responds:

"I could be wrong but the camera looked more like a Zeiss Ikon rather than a Leica."

People, people, people!


Miss Mary said...

thanks for the post on the commercials, they are driving our house nutz as well...

but not as bad as AL is though, we practically mute the tour when he comes on

(not really your Disco type, ey? lillybella?)

marscat said...

AL is starting to grow on me...never thought
i'd say that.

Velo Bella said...

I like the trout. As Phil loses his grip on the scene (I think that boy just parties too much)its refreshing to hear someone chat with Paul about tour potentials with some understanding..he's a little USA centric but I can live with that.

MIchael says that he doesnt like Al because Al is dismissive of the french.

Are there french guys in the tour?

marscat said...

ZsaZsa and I have noticed that Phil seems to be getting things wrong more often. We imagine that evrytime he says someting wrong, Paul nudges him, and that's not hard, in that cramped little tv box they're in.

And about those commericals, what about the women, don't they see that we are part of the demographics watching the Tour too. At least we don't have to see "grinning Bob" on his enzymyte or whatever it is.

Ippoc Amic said...

oops...that was me...