Wednesday, May 31, 2006

are humans the only creatures that create garbage?

lots of shiny aluminum cans on the edge of pretty country roads this weekend. a six-pack trail of Budweiser followed by the dang box that carried them. tossed out the window. a nice greasy collection of fast food containers by a pretty lookout. someone must have stopped to enjoy the lovely view and a quick snack. wiped their mouth when they were done, sucked down the last of their soda and then pushed everything out the window and drove off. i don't get it. how to make them stop?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

how to make them stop?


1. ask nicely

2. shotguns

3. groin kicks

4. NSA wire taps

X Bunny said...


Velo Bella said...

wait until they die of the food they ate

Miss Mary said...

while we're on the subject of food...

I love

get all my good recipes there...

okay back to your conversations